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Viena mano mokinių siunčia patarimus užsieniečiams, kad lengviau būtų adaptuotis atvykus į Kiniją:

I dimly remembered that some suggestions for foreigners in China were needed.So~Here we go

Rule no. 1–Do Not Be Surprised At the Enormous Number of People where you can see at every corner of the country,You’ll get used to it.

Rule no.2–It must be mentioned that not every resident is thoughtful and civilized,do not be shocked at some actions they might do in public,(taking loudly on phone,peeing,spitting,etc.)(I know it sounds ironical.But a civilization takes time to build up)

Rule no.3–Avoid political subjects,when accidentally bumped into one,change the subject.(you will probably find leftist hiding in the crowd who has been totally brainwashed by the C.P)

Rule no.4–Follow the basic rules above,and wait patiently until the rest of the rules occur to me:P

Kaip jums augančios kartos požiūris ir savikritika?

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  1.   ALGdason 23 Lap 2012 at 18:59

    Gaila, nė vieno patarimo nesupratau, nes ne lietuviškai.

  2.   Ramintaon 24 Lap 2012 at 03:30

    ALGdai, jeigu kažko nesuprantate, nebūtina to viešai paskelbti, nes lyg ir nelabai kam įdomu…

    O įrašas smagus. :)

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